Kind of you to drop in, let me know if you need any help were just an email away. There are no dumb questions. Our goal as a breeder is to meet the customer’s needs. We will do our personal best in passing along solid, sound and accurate information regarding the Chihuahua breed. Even if you don’t purchase a pup from our neck of the woods we would still love to hear from you and if we can help you make an informed educated decision when purchasing the newest little member of your family.

Our greatest pride is breeding to the Chihuahua standard and nurturing the wonderful temperaments of our dogs and puppies as we develop together.

We spend buckets full of quality time daily with our puppies socializing and prepare them or their future life in their new home. Our Chihuahuas are bred for world famous Chihuahua personality, complemented with a sound body and mind. We strive to produce the healthiest and happiest puppies possible!

Our pups are:

  • hand-raised
  • come with a health guarantee
  • health certificate
  • puppy picture
  • current shots and wormings
  • all are AKC Registered
  • and fathers will be DNA Certified.

Chihuahuas do offer a variety of color. Some colors seem to be dominant within the Chihuahuas, while others are more rare. We get a variety of colors within our puppies, because we use good line-breeding practices. There is really only one thing to keep in mind, dogs look like their parents or one of their parent’s parents, most of the time. It’s a matter of simple math. We can often provide a range of colors. One of the most exciting, appealing and challenging things about the Chihuahua breed is waiting to see what the next litter will contain.

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